Monday, April 14, 2014

I'm baaaaak...

I finished the artwork for the children's book a couple of months ago. <cheering> 

I just learned, however, that the contact that was to publish it has since declined. I feel certain it is largely because of how long it took me to complete the artwork.  I did not realize how different the amount of time it was actually going to take for me to complete a page (8-16 hours) was going to be from my imagined timeframe per page (2–4 hours). It was quite a learning experience. I learned how long it actually takes me to do such work as well as that I need to do it in a sunny area, touch it every day, and leave it out in a place I must confront it every day. My skills also improved as I worked. So a great learning experience for me. Not so great if you were waiting for the final product I'm sure. 

So now it'll have to be self-published. Sigh. More learning!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dear Potential Employer,

Ah, I see you've found my blog.  I started this back in 2011 while exploring writing and blogging as a way to encourage folks suffering from anxiety and depression, particularly post-partum depression (PPD), to seek treatment and not give up... among other topics of interest to me. 

Cutting to the chase:
Am I capable of GS 12–14 level work? Absolutely. Please contact my references. 

Can I catch up on changes that occurred during my diversion? Of course. I have always been a good learner.  No worries there. 

How will I adjust to the added pressures, the responsibility?  Will I crack?  No employee can promise this. But what I can say is that I have been through a crucible of sorts that I believe has made me stronger, deeper, and wiser.  I am not ashamed.  I believe I have been improved by the experiences of motherhood and its fallout, not weakened. 

I can assure any new employer that I have taken none of my experiences of anxiety or depression lying down. I have been actively treated by an excellent physician, Dr. Milena Hruby Smith, MD, PhD for the past eight years. I have also been involved in as many years of individual and group therapy.  I have learned a great deal and  stocked my mental toolbox so that it now fairly bristles with coping tools. This can only be an asset. 

So contact my references. Interview me. Hire me!  I am honest, smart, creative, detail-oriented, and hard-working.
Let me be this person for you.