Resources for Anxiety & Depression

I hope you might find this page to be a good collection of useful resources for folks with anxiety and/or depression, their family members... and anyone else!
Get Help!
If you are suffering, please know that you are NOT ALONE!  You CAN feel better, even if you don't believe that you can or that you deserve to do so.  You do not need to feel this way.  Get Help!
The Lifeline Network answers thousands of calls from people in emotional distress. There are many reasons for their calls. Please call for any of the following reasons:

  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Information on suicide
  • Information on mental health/illness
  • Substance abuse/addiction
  • To help a friend or loved one
  • Relationship problems
  • Abuse/violence
  • Economic problems
  • Sexual orientation issues
  • Physical illness
  • Loneliness
  • Family problems

Crisis Center Locator

On-Line Tools

Psychology Today has a nice therapy directory that can be used to find a therapist in your area.  Not a bad starting point if you have no recommendations from friends or your primary care physician or are new to an area.  Take charge of your thoughts and feelings!  There's no medal for going through life with more pain than is necessary. 

Cozi on-line calendar:  This FREE online tool includes a very customizable calendar + to do and other list maker + shopping list + meal planner + journal, all accessible by individuals you approve (like family members) and modifiable in real time.  It can also import other calendars you might use, including the daily routines from The FlyLady.

The FlyLady is actually a stealth CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) or "Life Coaching" program that can help you get control of your house, get it clean, keep it clean, and purge clutter.  You start really really small and build up daily routines at your own pace.  She teaches you how to care for a home without being a perfectionist.  A really nice feature is the encouraging emails loaded with testimonials that you can have sent to you to brighten your day and give you a boost when you most need it.  I haven't fully implemented her program, but I'd love to and think it could be just what you need to make a difference in your home.  Definitely worth checking out.


My Mood Tracker
This is my FAVORITE app!  I it to track my mood, meds--including light box use, energy level, sleep, exercise, menstrual cycle, etc.  I'm a huge fan.  It's easy to use, pretty, and gives you information you can use when you are at your doctors' appointments and they ask you how you are and every day seems like it must have been like you feel right now.  Using this you can really see when meds are working, if changing their timing makes a difference, whether using a light box actually helps, what is going on with your sleep cycle, etc.  This is a fantastic resource and worth every penny.

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  1. I will be adding to this as time goes on, especially to the Apps I recommend because I have tried and use a bunch of them. Suggestions?