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It's been at least six years since my first pregnancy, so some of my memory is a little fuzzy on this stuff.  However, I'm inspired by creating a gift basket for my pregnant neighbor to put down everything I remember in case it might be helpful to anyone.  I remember being told by someone that one day I'd be an old pro at this baby-thing and not really believing it.  I guess she was talking about now?

Here's what I'll be putting in her gift basket:
  1. For Mom  Lansinoh "Soothies" gel pads.  I found these to be very helpful in the first weeks of nursing.  We had trouble and I got very sore, even bleeding. 
  2. For Mom  Nature Made Vitamin E 1000i.u. softgels.  This stuff is AMAZING.  If you have any soreness or especially cracking, my doctor said it was safe to prick one of these and squeeze the gel out onto the nipples.  Let stand for an hour open to the air (if possible).  Do this 2x/day.  No need to wipe off for nursing but you can.  Doing only 2x/day is safe for baby.  Double-check with your pediatrician, but was true for me in 2005.
  3. For Mom  Lansinoh "HPA Lanolin" 1 tube.  This stuff is great, but you have to know how to use it.  Take a pea or smaller size amount between finger and thumb and roll between fingers until no-longer gel-like.  When liquidy, tap the stuff gently onto nipples (not aerolas, unless necessary).  Don't rub on.
  4. For Mom  Witch Hazel Hemorrhoidal Pads (analagous to Tucks Medicated Pads).  These smell nice and help with parineal healing after birth.  I had stitches and used these a lot.
  5. For Mom  The best bottle brush ever = the Avent bottle brush (blue handle with white bristles).  The pointy end is good for cleaning bottle nipples and the brush is shaped just right.  I still use mine as my kitchen sink brush.  Best brush EVER!
  6. Age 0–3mo  Avent "Soothie" aqua pacifier 2-pack.  These were the binkies used by the hospital for my son when he was in the NICU.  With my first child I was afraid to use a pacifier until after 4 weeks.  With my son we used these right away and it made no difference.  He was a better nurser than my daughter no matter what I did.
  7. Age 0+  Two 40oz tubes of Desitin Maximum Strength Original Paste (purple box).  This was my favorite.  The hospital mixes it with milk of magnesia and cornstarch to make their own special "butt paste."  Plain was fine for us.
  8. Age 0+   Aveno Baby fragrance free "Daily Moisture Lotion" for after bath and whenever.
  9. Age 0+  One of those clear teethers shaped like the petals of a flower, in an "O" (  You can keep in the fridge or freezer and each petal is baby mouth-sized.
  10. Age 0+ A soft flat "Snuggle & Teethe" animal that crackles.  I love that crackle sound! (
  11. Age 6 mo+  Munchkin shampoo rinser to help keep soap out of baby's eyes at bathtime.  I had a different brand, but it eventually came apart.  This looks better.
  12. 9mo+  "The First Years" Take&Toss 16-pack of toddler flatware. This stuff is great because it's recyclable.  We washed and reused for years and years.  Perfect for school/daycare lunches.  (
  13. Age 12 mo+  Playtex "the insulator" "twist 'n click" cup 2-pack.  These are the only cups I found that did not leak (except if you left them for a long time in a summer-hot car tipped on their side).
  14. Age 18 mo–2y  Orajel "Thomas the Tank Engine" toddler toothpaste.
  15. Age 2+  Neosporin "Neo To Go!" for boo boos on the run.
  16. Whenever with supervision  Kool Kidz kitty cat cold pack for boo boos. (
  17. Age 3+  Package of foam bath letters and numbers that stick to the bath wall.  My kids loved these. (

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