Saturday, January 28, 2012

Oh, Pinterest, How I Love Thee!

An evil friend of mine just turned me on to the time-sucking black hole that is Pinterest.  Now all I want to do is sit and pin things I like to my boards and look for new stuff to pin.  I think this may be a shopaholic's methadone.
  There's the searching, and a way of aquiring without actually spending money or filling your house with junk.  Of course then you find all these things you wish you could have that you will never be able to have and if you think about it too long that could be frustrating.

My latest frustration is that I really want to move into a new home and I want this place in a development just across the street from my husband's work, so that he could walk to work, but we'll never be able to afford it without spending everything we have and then living on cereal and ramen noodles for years.  Real estate is still so expensive around Columbia, MD (USA).  It's very discouraging.  I go in the model homes, take pictures, and pretend for split seconds at a time that I live there.  It's fun and sad at the same time.

Consequently, I am spending an inordinate amount of time on Pinterest assembling all the items I would like to put in the home I'll never have.  Is this OK?  There's no question that it's pretty much a complete waste of time except that somehow it makes me feel good.  I think it scratches that instinctive itch to search and gather.  I was up from 2AM last night to 5:30AM pinning stuff.  I know, that's insane.  It was mostly a result of badly timed caffeine (soda and chai) and then falling asleep for two hours while snuggling my daughter to sleep.  After that I was AWAKE, so I blogged and then pinned away.

It is interesting to see how some people pin things that you never would, and how different everyone's interests are... and how the same.  I wonder if some day some graduate student will mine all this data to find out what people were like during this time period, like anthropologists now pour over ancient manuscripts, and what they'll think of us.

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