Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Lizard Brain Loves Chic-fil-A Sauce and Naps

First, let us establish that both Chic-fil-A sauce and Dr. Pepper are made with crack.  (No, this is not a comment about Whitney Houston.)  I am just so terribly hooked on having waffle fries with Chic-fil-A sauce that I think it is going to be a real problem with regard to weight loss.  I had a large fry with sauce for breakfast/lunch and a medium Dr. Pepper.  Then my daughter insisted that what she wanted most in the world for her "girl time" after school snack (my son was in daycare) was to go to Chic-fil-A.  Being the ever-dutiful mother, after some grousing about not spending more money there (I am such a hypocrite), we went and sat in the two-person table just like she wanted.  And I had another small fry with sauce and a medium Dr. Pepper.

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Ah, but then, wait for it, I, Julia Burzon, went to.... the GYM!  Moi!  I went one time last week and now again this week.  I know once a week isn't anything that's really going to have an effect, but maybe this week I can increase it.  I need to make it normal again so I can drop the 10lbs I've gained since the holidays and then some.  I'm going to be (shhh!) 40 this year, and I keep telling myself that this means I have to get back to my goal weight this year or I never will.  Let's see, that's a should statement and all-or-nothing thinking.  Two cognitive distortions--not bad.  I had a reasonable dinner (turkey chili with water), so, since I didn't have anything else, I'm letting myself off the hook a bit for the crack overdose.  I did eat too much shredded cheddar on my chili though.

I imagine we have all heard how an hour of exercise is equivalent to a Valium or two*. (?)  Well, today I really felt a difference.  Before the gym I was tired and of much shorter temper and patience.  Afterwards I was in a, gasp, kind of sort of good mood and enjoyed grocery shopping with the kids as much as that is possible and my mood continued through now.

I also did not nap today, though that was not due to the gym.  During the times I might've napped I found myself engaged by wasting time online.  I also set up an appointment to take the dog in to the vet for his eye check-up that I was supposed to have done last week.  Bad dog mom.  But it's made, so there's that.  All in all, a pretty productive day for me:  AM counseling appointment, on-line stuff, made appointment, quality time with daughter, gym, grocery shopping.  So not bad (for me).

Whatever ick that has been plaguing me the past several weeks has become a more active cold now and I have about two minutes left before the NyQuil overtakes me.  My counselor wants me to start volunteering at the nature center (see last post) or another kind of environmental gig to start to get my confidence back with regard to possible future real world employment.  Once I get over the initial resistance to doing something different and social anxiety she thinks I will enjoy it and come away more refreshed and energized than if I napped.  My lizard-brain (amygdala) is decidedly not into the idea of trading inactivity for activity and losing the possibility of a nap.  We'll see.  I have three weeks until my next appointment.

Tired now, but a good tired.  Maybe I'll sleep through my husband's snoring tonight.

*Mayo Clinic Website advises exercise eases depression symptoms.
  WebMD on exercise and depression
  Google Scholar provides a number of links to scholarly articles on exercise and depression.

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